Types of Flooring

Types of Flooring

In the modern day we often find ourselves in situations where we strive to get the best. Our homes are not left out in this. We want to be welcomed by beauty when we get home. This is made possible, in part, by the type of flooring the house has.

We have different types of flooring that we should consider when planning to furnish our homes such as;

Hardwood flooring- This is a type of flooring made from hardwood trees like oak and walnut. -Hardwood flooring are beautiful to the eye and durable. -Its finishes include ceramic, aluminium oxide and acrylic monomers.

Laminate Flooring- It offers style through its options of many colors and different patterns. – It is sold as either planks or tiles

Linoleum flooring- This type of flooring is made from bio degradable materials. – This qualifies it as environmentally friendly floorong option. – It is sold as sheet goots ar laminated planks and tiles. – Some linoleum flooring have a protective coating that prevent staining.

Vinyl sheet flooring- It comes in a variety of looks such as; natural stone, patterned designs and wood like looks. – They are durable and easy to clean. – They have high resistanxe to stains, scuffs and spills

Vinyl tile- This is a type of flooring that is durable and easy to install. – It is low maintanance in the after installation services

Luxury vinyl flooring- – Alterna engineered stone. It is a look alike to natural stone. – Luxe plank. It is a realistic wood look vinyl plank – Vivero luxury. It is a true to life wood and stone looks.They do resist scratches on the surface.

Loop constructed carpets- It has dense looped strands. -Its low profile enhances a clean low maintainance look – It is durable, reliable and ideal for high traffic places

Texture construction carpet- It has long crimped yarns which enhances a casual look. – The long crimped yarns make a high profile for super soft feel.

The Frieze construction carpet- Has high twisted yarns for a longer crimped look and a relaxed feel. – The long twists create dimensions and a visual interest – It has a bouncy and springy feel under your feet.(https://www.gulvxtra.no/Laminat)

The downline in the types of flooring is; – Durability – The cost of purchase – Cost of installation
With all these in mind it is easier to come to a sound conclusion on what type or types of flooring you will use in your home or the office.(https://www.gulvxtra.no/Tarkett)

Flooring is essential in presenting who we are and what we stand for. Choose a type of flooring that suites your personality.(www.gulvxtra.no)